In this day and age where text messaging, social networking and one-line emails seem to have taken precedence we could be forgiven for thinking that the art of speaking to communicate our intentions was no longer important. Not so! Research shows that verbal and face-to-face is still the best way to communicate, given the sensory attachment that we form with others through verbal expression.

However, the fear of public speaking is a common one. This is a shame, given that those who regularly practice public speaking have been found to benefit from greater confidence and an increased ability to construct effective arguments for persuading and motivating others.

Denny Speakers Club provides a welcoming environment for those wishing to improve their speaking skills, with the ability to work within a curriculum affiliated to the National Association of Speakers Clubs. We hold a meeting once a fortnight where members can deliver prepared and impromptu speeches and readings, participate in debates and receive education. There is also the option to learn other transferable skills such as chairing meetings, interviewing and treasury keeping.

We are a mixed club, beginners are welcome from the age of 14 and you will get assistance in gaining confidence and in having the ability to speak in front of others. Why not come along and meet us?


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